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Posted on May 5, 2018

How to Understand and Cure Anxiety?

When we are experiencing anxiety then it’s not the major issues and is probably face by many people. Anxiety is not about when a person is restricted and bounded emotionally. Basically, it is the inescapable type of the condition faced by a human.

Many of the people don’t agree with the fact that they are facing anxiety for different reasons which include avoiding harassment, rejection and many more. Due to the strict schedule and struggle in the life, there are too many people who are experiencing this inevitability.

Nature of Anxiety

It is basically mental tension which comes out in irritation, uneasiness, and agitation. This mental tension can be due to many reasons like uncertainty for the future or inability to complete the assigned work.

Anxiety and fear are very close as all their symptoms are really closed. Fear generally defines that person is going through the sense of danger both in the physiological and emotional way. Fear can be generalized as the survival mechanism which can lead to extreme anxiety.

What Are The Major Effects Of Anxiety?

Cost of bearing the anxiety problems is too high. The effects are very dangerous and all these effects are generally categorized in the three manners which include:

  • Physical
  • Social
  • Psycho-emotional.

These are the basic effects of the anxiety which can be faced by the people who are suffering from some of the problems in their life.

Physical Effects

With the anxiety, you will feel facing the physiological discomfort. You will not like anything which is happening around you. There are some of the symptoms of the physiological effects which include anger, agitation, frustration and health problems. There are some of the organic dysfunction in the body which includes heart disease and dyspepsia. All these problems can affect the person for the long term which is too dangerous.

Psycho-Emotional Effects

Anxiety can lead to the serious problems related to the psycho-emotional effects. With this problem, you can face the problem which will make a person weak internally which is very dangerous for the person. You can feel like depression and disorientation.

Social Effects

This can be due to the weak interpersonal development. People who are very anxious and avoid the social contact generally face these types of issues.

To Conclude

These all are some of the basic things which are faced by the people who are going through anxiety.